So Long

This Friday will be my last day at 10up, and it’s kind of bittersweet like most so-longs.

I’m excited to return to the creative opportunities I have as a freelancer, and exceptionally bummed to be leaving the perfect company of the other designers and friends I’ve made on the team. There’s some incredible talent on that team, as well as hilarious and unrivaled wit, both of which I’ve gotten accustomed to enjoying on a daily basis.

A couple of people in particular have helped rewire the way I think from  just “yes, and!…” to “sure, but why?” (I’ve learned through trial and error that these people don’t enjoy being called out by name, so I’ll just use Taylor Dewey, Carl Danley, Tammy Hart and Jake Goldman’s initials for now.) The point is, I’ve been challenged in ways I didn’t realize I needed, and grown in ways I didn’t think I could. Or didn’t think I wanted to. And at times, I fought it pretty hard. (I think every customer service rep I’ve encountered since has regretted these changes in me, by the way.)

But, you know when it’s time.

Toward the end of last year, feeling a little creatively restless, I worked with Kathleen Shannon of Braid Creative. I met Kathleen at Designer Vaca, and knew she was the creative mentor I needed to further kick my ass help me clarify my professional goals. Week after week we spoke, she asked tough questions, and I got to the bottom of where I was meant to be going.

So, what’s next. I’ll be taking a week or two to focus on a personal side project I’ve been neglecting, after which I’ve got some really cool work lined up doing packaging and identity design for some new restaurants, as well as an organic juice line—which I still think must be one of my friends punking me because it’s almost too perfect. Pretty much exactly the vision Kathleen and I discussed  just before Christmas, as fate would have it. I’ll even be spending part of the week at a sweet new co-working space (the owner, a fellow designer, and I have routinely live-texted through Parenthood and The Mindy Project since my first day there, so, yeah).

So there you have it: A return to freelancing, and taking life one day at a time. Equal parts excited and healthy amounts of scared, the basis of most great work.


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      A super timely follow up to say thanks for your comment and I’m glad we’ll find ways to work on projects together/drive each other crazy in the future!

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